Luxury Glacier Village in Grindelwald, Switzerland

Luxury Glacier Village in Grindelwald, Switzerland

Location: Grindelwald, Jungfrau, Switzerland
Year: 2014
Price: $5 to $5.8 million
Photo courtesy: Teatrium

You’ll find the noblest of noble in your new home – we whisk you away into the unique romance of the “Bergwelt Grindelwald”. Choose the villa you like best from among seven gems: Turmalin, Rubin, Citrin, Onyx, Jade, Peridot or Beryll. You define your own personal style – whether modern or traditional, romantic, cosy, homey, warm – just the way you’d wish your mountain chalet to be. You have full freedom in defining the style of your chalet and its interior construction and fittings. We conjure up a mountain world in your own home – with all our experience, taste and know-how.


Can you smell the unforgettable fragrance of Arven wood and hear to the crackling fire in the fireplace? Nowhere else will you find a homier atmosphere with such a distinct and authentic ambiance as in one of our luxury chalets. The interior convinces through the selection of the absolutely most beautiful details, which make living in a chalet a truly exceptional experience. The standard of outfitting is superb and will incorporate any and all wishes you may have. Our team of architects is at your disposal to advise you in equipping your chalet villa. They turn your dreams into reality. And last but not least – very important – we “mountaineers” know what luxury means. Bergwelt-Development-02 Bergwelt-Development-03 Bergwelt-Development-04 Bergwelt-Development-05 Bergwelt-Development-06 Bergwelt-Development-07 Bergwelt-Development-08 Bergwelt-Development-09 Bergwelt-Development-10 Bergwelt-Development-11 Bergwelt-Development-12 Bergwelt-Development-13 Bergwelt-Development-14 Bergwelt-Development-15 Bergwelt-Development-16 Bergwelt-Development-17 Bergwelt-Development-18

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