Loft in Paris by Maxime Jansens

Loft in Paris by Maxime Jansens

Location: Paris, France
Year: 2014
Area: 1,400 sqft
Photo courtesy: Maxime Jansens

The structure is an ancient 130sqm (1,399sqft) craft shop located in eastern Paris, in an old courtyard. Two old patios have been covered by skylights. Inside spaces are mostly lit by these skylights and have few windows on the outside. For instance, the two children bedrooms have no window on the outside, and are lit only through the glass walls.


As the clients wished to live in an open space, we left as few partitions as possible, and used transparent walls as much as possible. As there was a lot of space for these two bedrooms we were able to hide the bathroom behind them, leaving free the space under the skylight for working and playing. The reduced budget led us to limit the work to a minimum, and to focus on raw finishes. The bias was to choose quality materials used simply to express their intrinsic qualities.

Loft-in-Paris-02 Loft-in-Paris-03 Loft-in-Paris-04 Loft-in-Paris-05 Loft-in-Paris-06 Loft-in-Paris-07 Loft-in-Paris-08 Loft-in-Paris-09 Loft-in-Paris-10 Loft-in-Paris-11 Loft-in-Paris-12 Loft-in-Paris-13 Loft-in-Paris-14 Loft-in-Paris-15 Loft-in-Paris-16 Loft-in-Paris-17 Loft-in-Paris-18 Loft-in-Paris-19 Loft-in-Paris-20 Loft-in-Paris-21

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