Iron and Wine Apartment in Brooklyn, New York

Iron and Wine Apartment in Brooklyn, New York

Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Photo courtesy: One Fine Stay

Brooklyn may have transformed its industrial hide for a newer and trendier outfit, but down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass – that’s “DUMBO,” if you please – things haven’t gone soft. In Water Street, two bedroom and two and-a-half bathrooms inject a craft polish into this an aesthetic composed of cement on steel, soaring ceilings, and two stacked storeys of wide-eyed windows announcing an unmistakeable industrial loft legacy. Industrial, spacious, but with trendy glamour Water Street is adorned with plush furnishings, hide throws, and fine art fixtures that speak to an attentive, hand-moulded sweetness – a homage to craft, hand-made sensibility and the ecclectic flair of artsy DUMBO. Space is no object here – peer out over sweeping vistas of the East River and twinkling Manhattan beyond to see for yourself.


Your hosts are a family of inventive New York City natives, trailblazers of industries both aural and spatial. Long-time residents and lovers of DUMBO in particular, over the years they’ve laboured to shape a cosy and distinctive home here in Brooklyn’s creative boiler room.


Elevator doors part to deliver you directly into penthouse-level Water Street, a well-oiled machine fuelled on the eclectic. Two storeys’-worth of picture windows soar unobstructed in places, making for an airy, atrial feel. Cool your engines on the lower of the two floors, where the sage- and smoke-grey kitchen, living room, and dining room come together in a loosely woven warp and weft. Sprawl at shift’s end on the sun-warmed Dunbar sofa, or feast like a steel baron by the city lights (or the light of a modern, smoked glass chandelier). Shift gears to the second floor, where a cosy, coal-coloured den is stocked with books and arresting, changeable vistas – all the raw materials necessary to fire up a dreamy diversion. At quitting time, dust off the city in the steel and stone master washroom before retiring to your minimal, steam-grey master bedroom – with its private terrace, it’s also a port to the open air and the perfect post for a master overseer to observe the whirr of metropolitan gears.


DUMBO is the beating heart of Brooklyn’s creative industry. A powerhouse of art and design, it’s coveted for its surprisingly quaint cobblestone streets, landscaped promenades, and proximity to Manhattan (it doesn’t get any closer than this). Take a stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge – it’s an easy jaunt into the city, and the views en route are finest in this direction. If you prefer quicker carriage, the High Street A and C lines, and the F at York Street, will deliver you to your destination in a wink.

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