How to Redecorate a Room for a More Modern Feel

How to Redecorate a Room for a More Modern Feel

If you’re looking to make a change to help you feel more invigorated and ready for the day, one of the best things you can do is change up your interior décor. The spaces we live in can have a huge influence on our moods, our self-esteem, and how we interact with the space mentally. You want your home to be a welcoming, restorative space.

Need to spruce some things up? Here’s how you can redecorate a room or two in your home to give it a more modern feel.

How to Redecorate a Room for a More Modern Feel

Capture the aesthetic

Modern décor tends to be light, airy, and minimalist. Interiors done in this style often include plenty of natural light, a few accent plants, and well-chosen furniture pieces that complement each other while still serving as comfortable places to sit and rest. The first thing you’ll want to do is pick out what general aesthetic you’re interested in. Consider these options:

  • Boho minimalism: this style incorporates tapestries, plenty of luscious house plants, a few shabby-chic details, like a vintage carpet or distressed wooden chairs and tables. You may also include a couple of antique details, like clocks and mirrors, to really sell the vibe.
  • Desert modern: desert aesthetics are all the rage right now. This vibe includes succulents, exposed wooden pieces, and contrasting burnt orange and turquoise accents to echo the vibrant colors of the American Southwest.
  • Farmhouse: One of the most dominant aesthetic trends in interior design these days is the farmhouse style. Farmhouse design themes include rustic furniture, white-painted shiplap walls, large signs that say “gather” or “eat”, family-focused details like photo mugs, and light-colored exposed wood.

Once you’ve selected your design theme, you can think about how to fill the space

How to Redecorate a Room for a More Modern Feel

Furniture selections

One of the most important features of any design is the furniture that fills the space. You want furniture that is useful, practical, comfortable, and affordable. This can be a tricky balance to strike, but with patience and diligence you can find good pieces. When looking for the best furniture, consider hunting in these locations:

  • Antique stores: often thought of as a stuffy place for old folks, antique stores actually often have amazing furniture pieces, sometimes for a bargain! See if there are any in your area and support your local antique dealer.
  • Yard sales: hands down one of the easiest places to pick up some killer finds at a bargain price, yard sales have a lot to offer. Drive around your neighborhood this weekend and look out for signs pointing toward local yard sales! You never know what awesome furniture pieces you can find, and often for under $20!
  • Thrift stores: these are easily one of the best places to find furniture that is cool, vintage, and a very fair price. Stop at Goodwill or Salvation Army next time you need a new couch or rug!
  • Shop online: online shopping for furniture is fun, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home! Whether you’re shopping for cheap but trusty items from IKEA or Target, or you’re hunting online used-goods boards like Craigslist for that unique antique, online shopping is a great way to find steals!
  • AVOID stores like Macy’s or Ashley: these stores often sell furniture that is much more expensive than what you could easily find online or at a thrift store. Plus, these stores cater to large suburban homes that are decidedly not done in a modern feel.

Once the large furniture items are sorted, it’s time to get granular with your room décor.

How to Redecorate a Room for a More Modern Feel

Details, details, details

Details are everything when it comes to interior décor. The little paintings you hang over a table, the decorative art pieces you choose to display on furniture, and the pillows and blankets you choose all contribute to the aesthetic of your modern space.

It’s important to choose the most on-trend details to fill out your space! Luckily, this can be done over time. Once you’ve laid the groundwork with a solid design idea and some choice furniture, your room will start coming together. Take the next few weeks or even months to pick out the perfect details! It’s fun, relaxed, and less pricey than buying everything at once.

Have fun redecorating that room into the perfectly serene, modern feel!

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