House with big vain glazed obtaining a transparency from the house towards the natural space

House with big vain glazed obtaining a transparency from the house towards the natural space

Architects: ModulARQ arquitectura
Location: Cuenca, Ecuador
Year: 2016
Area: 5.436 ft²/ 505 m²
Photo courtesy: Juan Alberto Andrade

“The house is placed in Challabamba’s sector to a few minutes of the downtown of Cuenca; the area for this project thinks to a few meters of the Rio Tomebamba, the same one that he presents green spaces accompanied of vegetation of fall, average and high density, giving a natural environment of importance to be taken this way.


For before exposed as point of architectural item in the offer for the production of the design and planning of the house, one sought to provide the major entail of the interior space with the exterior natural space.


To obtain the result to this item, in the offer of his front towards the area of the river one proposed the use of big vain glazed (floor – ceiling) with the minor possible carpentry, obtaining a transparency from the house towards this natural space creating the visual interesting one; with the use also of vain these also he took advantage of the natural lighting to the interior inhabitable spaces, reducing this way the use of artificial lighting.


This building was planned for a family composed by 4 persons, the parents and his two children, this one has an area of construction of 349 m2 in two plants, having in his ground floor what consists of social common areas as room, dining room, kitchen, study and an area of exterior cover is (deck), and while in the high plant one finds the area deprived of the family since it are the bedrooms and zone of being or of television.


In his formal part the house is composed by simple linear elements that with the use of materials in each of them as the stone, the natural wood, the white cloths and the big vitrales bring together a game of volumes and textures that they harmonize with the place and give sobriety to the building.”

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