House Among Trees by Martin Fernandez de Lema and Nicolas Moreno Deutsch

House Among Trees by Martin Fernandez de Lema and Nicolas Moreno Deutsch

Architects: Martin Fernandez de Lema and Nicolas Moreno Deutsch
Location: Mar Azul, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Year: 2007
Area: 1,442 sqft
Photo courtesy: Gustavo Sosa Pinilla

The scene of Mar Azul, a shoreline resort close Villa Gesell and 400 km from Buenos Aires, is brimming with thick timberland of various types of pine trees, acacias and dark poplars and in addition wide ranges of rises and virgin shorelines.


The nearby development code requests free space at both sides and restrains the extraction of trees. The future proprietors – a couple that will change their watercraft for a house in the timberland – asked for that incredible consideration ought to be taken to protect the characteristic states of the plot of area and to benefit however much as could be expected from the normal qualities.


Along these lines, the house transformed into a livable dock, which rises up out of the ground to see the scene encompassing. It happens on two levels, a level which rises up out of the earth serves as a plinth for private use, which sorts out the rooms and characterizes an even plane on which lays a structure on the upper level, which incorporates the social project with the living, lounge area, flame broil and porch, composed in a focal range of utilization, with sides of flow and administrations.


Upstairs, one of these groups open course characterizes an entrance way between trees, from the road. A bit of solid L-molded opens this focal territory toward the north, opening the woodland view with extensive windows, and near the southeast, with littler windows, willing to visual stature of a situated individual.


The vertical backing of this L is a mass of cement formwork tables masterminded evenly to highlight the predominant course of the house, which is taking thickness and characterizes the flow, bolster capacities, connecting both levels. The even plane of the L is bored, in the scope of outer access course, and crossed by trees, which appear to spring from the method for wooden loads up treated pine.

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