Home designed for a young family with two small children in Lago Sul Qi 25, in Brasília

Home designed for a young family with two small children in Lago Sul Qi 25, in Brasília

Architects: Sérgio Parada Arquitetos Associados
Location: Brasilia, Brazil
Year: 2011
Area: 8.697 ft²/ 808 m²
Photo courtesy: Haruo Mikami, C.B. Aragão

“This Project was designed for a young family with two small children in Lago Sul Qi 25, in Brasília, Brazil. To meet the established program, the residence is 808 m², divided into three levels on the ground, adapting to the topography of the site.


The project enhances the access to the residence, creating a garden space of receiving people. Thus respects the public space and establishes a spatial continuity between what is public and private.


The composition of residence values the volumes defined by its uses, which are intimate, service, social and leisure. All these functions are directly connected with the social area, featured in this design as “cuore” the residence.


The interior and exterior spatial integration, and recovery of sight to the city of Brasilia is data that the project strictly obeyed in its design.


All the main structure of the building is reinforced concrete, its lining rustic plaster gives the desired texture, and social area with double height, is protected from sunlight through a large panel of perforated steel, filtering the sunlight and night, with artificial lighting, enhancing the built volumes.


The three levels of the building are composed of underground services, the social, leisure and guests on the ground floor and intimate on the mezzanine.”

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