Forresterarchitects design the Harcombe in Stoke Newington, London

Forresterarchitects design the Harcombe in Stoke Newington, London

Architects: forresterarchitects
Location: Stoke Newington, LondonEngland
Year: 2015
Area: 431 ft²/ 40 m²
Photo courtesy: Adam Scott

“As a modern interpretation of the traditional London Roof the butterfly form provides a unique language for a desirable rear house extension. Avoiding the mundane typical rear extension the roof form is expressed internally as exposed timber joists. This provides a dynamic architectural feature and adds a natural warmth to the new space. The new roof construction known as a warm roof construction avoids the traditional cold roof construction to provide a highly efficient thermally insulated roof construction; a single ply polymeric roof membrane replaces the traditional slate tile and timber battens to provide a relatively lightweight and uniform roof construction. To the West a large hexagonal glass window frames views of the small urban garden.


In these houses the living room is typically located to the front of the house. As part of the reconfiguration works the kitchen has been moved from the rear of the house between the new living room and dining room which has moved to the bay fronted room to the front of the house. A new large galley kitchen provides an open plan connection between the living room and dining room. The dining room is now perfectly orientated for breakfast in the early morning with the sun rising from the East and the new living room benefits from views of the garden and the setting sun in the evening.


Other works to the house involved the conversion of the original roof space to provide a traditional loft conversion which added a new floor of accommodation for guests. A dedicated wet-room shower room has been cleverly located on the top floor landing to avoid losing bedroom space and allows the top floor a certain degree of self-sufficency. The house originally configured as a three bedroom house now provides five bedrooms.


As part of the refurbishments the entire house has been rewired with new plumbing throughout. Each room has been provided with hardwired CAT 5 data connectivity which has reduced the reliance on a poor wi-fi signal quality through thick Victorian walls.”

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