Dune Road Residence by Stelle Architects

Dune Road Residence by Stelle Architects

Architects: Stelle Architects
Location: Bridgehampton, New York, USA
Photos: Francesca Giovanelli, Kay Wettstein von Westersheimb

This serene two-story house is sited on a fantastic sea front site. The first house, slated for destruction, was incorporated with the ridge before current waterfront development gauges requiring a much higher rise. The objective was to keep the current scale and flow of the site and outline a living arrangement that mirrored the foot shaped impression and soul of the first home.


Materials for the new house incorporate Alaskan cedar shingle boards mixed with glass segments. The home has three levels: one for the proprietors, one for their visitors, and one for living and feasting.


A straightforward glass and shingle structure ignores a negative edge pool while a way from the carport leads through a characteristic side scene along the pool and up to the house.


Sun powered control is accomplished however the utilization of shades in the southern exposures. Additional thick dividers take into consideration predominant protection, and a geothermal framework is utilized for cooling.

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