Cumquat Tree House by Christopher Megowan Design

Cumquat Tree House by Christopher Megowan Design

Architects: Christopher Megowan Design
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Year: 2015
Area: 2,583 ft²/ 240 m²
Photo courtesy: Nils Koenning, Christopher Megowan Design

In this remodel to an Art Deco home in the verdant Melbourne suburb of Caulfield, the insides of the current house were reordered to make another focal spine which comes full circle by surrounding a perspective of a current and productive cumquat tree at the back of the property.


Key to the achievement of this outline was the formation of two open air rooms which straddle the living and eating spaces of the home. Toward the east, a decked “room” has been intended to not just permit northern light into the back expansion additionally change into an outside silver screen through the cunning incorporation of a twofold sided projector screen in the window opening of the inside home theater. Toward the west, a second and bigger outside “room” interfaces with the living spaces by means of an expansive bifold entryway and twofold sided indoor/open air chimney.


A generous cleaned solid island seat stays the kitchen to the living territories, serving as a move point between the two outside spaces. The play on room interfaces is proceeded between the kitchen and back steward’s wash room with a retractable glass splashback giving an effective method for screening the administration range.


The weight of the island seat is adjusted by raised roofs and nonstop clerestory windows toward the north, east and west which permit sufficient northern light profound into the living spaces for the duration of the day. Extra elements incorporate substantial stashing sliders all through the house which permit the home to be zoned for both adaptability of utilization and warming and cooling.


The Art Deco impact of the first home is referenced in the “toothed” block carport and clearing, with orange-shaded timber highlights attracting an association with the first terracotta and block emphasizes both all around. The shade of the financially savvy, yet striking sheet metal cladding at the back is referenced in the guttering and gushing of the first home at the front. These palette references take into account a dialog to exist in the middle of old and new and at last permit the redesigns to join into the first structure in a contemporary yet corresponding way.

Cumquat-Tree-House-by-Christopher-Megowan-Design-05 Cumquat-Tree-House-by-Christopher-Megowan-Design-06 Cumquat-Tree-House-by-Christopher-Megowan-Design-07 Cumquat-Tree-House-by-Christopher-Megowan-Design-08 Cumquat-Tree-House-by-Christopher-Megowan-Design-09 Cumquat-Tree-House-by-Christopher-Megowan-Design-10 Cumquat-Tree-House-by-Christopher-Megowan-Design-11 Cumquat-Tree-House-by-Christopher-Megowan-Design-12 Cumquat-Tree-House-by-Christopher-Megowan-Design-13 Cumquat-Tree-House-by-Christopher-Megowan-Design-14 Cumquat-Tree-House-by-Christopher-Megowan-Design-15 Cumquat-Tree-House-by-Christopher-Megowan-Design-16 Cumquat-Tree-House-by-Christopher-Megowan-Design-17 Cumquat-Tree-House-by-Christopher-Megowan-Design-18 Cumquat-Tree-House-by-Christopher-Megowan-Design-19 Cumquat-Tree-House-by-Christopher-Megowan-Design-20

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