Concrete House by Vanguarda Architects

Concrete House by Vanguarda Architects

Architects: Vanguarda Architects

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Year: 2011

Size: 502 sqm


The land’s qualities made it conceivable to arrange the configuration of this weekend house through endless glass façades that are profited by the unfilled zone encompassing it and coordinate expansive visual fields towards the fairway and the prompt environment. The entrance to the house highlights a framing made of lapacho sheets set on a level plane. The house is sorted out around an extremely basic design, made out of two crossed volumes: the first runs parallel to the front, skimming over the living room and the second one runs opposite to the previous and upheld on the main side that has an adjacent neighbour.

Concrete baja 10From the twofold stature lobby, access is picked up to people in general zones adjusted on the back façade with open perspectives onto the fairway. The parlor, lounge area, kitchen and grill range may be completely coordinated by method for portable boards to make a suitable space for get-togethers. The entrance range is finished with a latrine and a home theatre room that leads us to the staircase, made in cement, from which we get to the expert suite and the youngsters’ region. This segment is comprised of two en-suite rooms and a typical den isolated from the folks’ region by the twofold tallness and joined by method for a steel and glass span.

1500anchoThe ground floor is finished with the administration territory, made up of a roofed twofold carport, clothing, stockpiling range, machine room, administration room, washroom and changing space for the pool.Exclusive realistic applications supplied by the organization Hachetresele were intended for the can, kitchen and home theatre room in this house, in this way joining visual computerization to the proposed construction modelling and accentuating the customization of its rooms.The primary feeling that the home passes on is a feeling of rebellion of gravity and space. With its vast compasses of glass that exploit the house’s relationship to the earth, the space appears to be practically overwhelming.


Concrete baja 2

With an extensive surface zone of 500 m2 appropriated crosswise over 9 rooms, the ground floor is home to the social area of the house. Here you will locate the lounge room, lounge area, kitchen with breakfast bar, and TV room, too the open air grill and yard.



Concrete baja 3

Every space in the house highlights a unique configuration chose by lifestyle of its proprietors, and stays consistent with the sane current style that is seen in every single corner.



Concrete baja 4

On the upper floor, locate the expert suite with a roomy lavatory and private changing area. At the flip side of the floor, two auxiliary suites are joined by a glass hall that opens onto a gallery, producing a feeling of mix and stream.



Concrete baja 5

The entire house is planned in impeccable congruity, with materials, for example, wood, steel, and glass found all through. The style’s reality is broken by the utilization of splendid hues on a dividers’ percentage, and also on the decorations.



Concrete baja 6

The spaces’ union makes a feeling of unlimited quality, exploiting the earth. creates an interminable spatiality, wich was thought to exploit nature, that closures with a dematerialized encompass that covers the compositional bo


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