Compact Bachelor Haven in Moscow by M2 Project

Compact Bachelor Haven in Moscow by M2 Project

Architects: M2 Project
Location: Moscow, Russia
Photo courtesy: M2 Project

The work of, the architect and CEO, Maxim Tikhonov from m2project Design Bureau attracted our attention with a compact bachelor haven. A modern studio project in the largest city of Europe, Moscow. Modern time needs have been gallantly mixed in with 1960s style to result into a strong personality haven for any bachelor seeking comfort. From the very beginning, the concept was to rid of all possible blockades or otherwise excessive elements within the premises.


Partitions, mezzanine, old plank floors or plaster on brick walls have been cleared to allow the space to breathe and grant the living space and light back to its rightful possessor. The mix of modern with retro is visible from the moment you step into the house, most of the furniture coming from a ready-to-assemble furniture distributor, thinned by designer chairs, and the retro desk from the ‘60s alongside the antique mirror complete the frame of the “male” apartment.


Being a functional environment, the tiny kitchen gives the owner all the necessary within a single piece countertop. Noticing the small dining table and chairs, that fit only half in the kitchen, one can only conclude to a link between it and the living room bringing together two of the most important spaces of the dwelling.

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