Classic and historic elements on a the lower floor and modern, minimalistic on the upper floor

Penthouse with classic and historic elements on a the lower floor and modern, minimalistic on the upper floor

Architects: Abaton Architects
Location: Madrid, Spain
Year: 2014
Area: 2.690 ft²/ 250 m²
Photography: ©Abaton Architects

“This existing apartment was divided in two different floors; at the lower floor, the 6th floor, there was an apartment with very nice classic and historic elements. Ceiling decorations and traditional windows as well as the classical existing room partitions were maintained as much as possible, while introducing the new functions. The existing floors, in very bad condition, were replaced with new wood floor.

At the upper floor, the 7th floor, there was an unused attic, but with the potential to be used as the main living space, with direct access to the roof terrace.

The concept attempts to connect the two floors and to join the tradition with the modern spirit. The upper floor is completely modern, minimalistic and without traditional elements. The imposing pitched roof and the small openings domain positively the ambiance of this space, but at the same time they also create low parts of the room and limited natural light. To face these problems, oblique but vertical walls (with integrated several uses like library, kitchen, cupboards, etc.) are introduced avoiding these low parts and creating large embrasures, which reflect and distribute natural light into the whole room. The complete room becomes one entire continuous space.

The kitchen, as an important element, is placed in the centre of the room, where the ceiling is high.

To connect the two floors, the entrance hall, the corridor and the master bedroom at the 6th floor area are also designed in a modern minimalistic way. To emphasize this connection the white colour is used for everything like walls, ceilings, floors and doors. Once entering the apartment the modern ambiance invites you and a skylight introduces natural light in the centre of the apartment and it also leads to the upper floor.”

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