Claremont Contemporary Residence in Perth designed by Keen Architecture

Claremont Contemporary Residence in Perth designed by Keen Architecture

Architects: Keen Architecture
Location: Claremont, Perth, Australia
Year: 2015
Area: 2.185 ft²/ 203 m²
Photo courtesy: Dion Robeson

“Our client needed a house to entertain friends and family whilst having the ability ‘lock and leave’ the house with his busy lifestyle. In terms of an investment, he also wanted to maximise the site yield and take full advantage of potential views.


The central courtyard allows north light into the heart of the home and creates a core where both the kitchen lounge area spill outside via bi-fold doors. With the two storey void this also creates a very secure outdoors space. The double storey north facing glass soaks up the sun and warmth and spreads it throughout the house. The tinted glass also bounces a soft light back on to the adjoining two storey wall to brighten up a potentially dark southern wall.


A feature timber screened balcony off the master suite punches though the steel portal frame again creating interest but also a lockable facade. The timber box has built in bi-folds which open to views of Claremont but can also be a private parents retreat. The flying roof form provides shade to the ‘entertainers delight’, a large open roof deck (engineered to take a future spa) which takes full advantage of river glimpses to the south, the City to the east. A car stacker provided the best solution to provide space for two secure car bays on site and is a valuable addition to the house.


The site is 6.7m wide (very skinny by Perth standards and expectations of usable space). Integrating a car stacker meant dropping the floor level as much as possible and raising the ceiling level to accommodate the stacker all whist staying within the absolute height limits. The balcony encroaches into the setback to maximise usable area and creates a private space. The timber batten enclosure makes it secure and reinforces the modern aesthetic. The roof shape reduces overshadowing and visual bulk and by following a semi-traditional pitch it allowed council to approve the Development Application without too much fuss.


Lot size is 203m2. The build area inc roof deck and garage is approx. 298m2 (ex courtyard which is about 36m2).”

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