Choose the Right Lighting for Your Hallway

How much importance do you give to lighting in your home? If you ask professionals such as interior designers, real estate agents and staging pros, they will all tell you lighting is very important. When you think about lighting, you often think about the lamp on your nightstand or the pendant above the dining table, but there is a particular area in our home that remains in the dark: the hallway.

Being narrow, hallways usually raise two main problems: minimal available floor space necessitates a certain kind of light and choosing the right type of light. Mounted lighting is your only option when you need to light your hallway but keep walkways clear.

Because of the narrow space, some hallways may give you that annoying claustrophobic. Your hallway needs to be thoroughly and brightly lit. Otherwise, it risks feeling too confined.

Gladly, there are solutions to these problems. You can escape the claustrophobic feeling mounting lights at strategically placed locations throughout your hallway and choosing the right type of lighting will also give the impression of a wider place. So let’s see what tricks can we try to “enlighten” our hallways:

Wall- or ceiling-mounted lighting

Most hallways are designed to be wide enough to allow a single person to move through them comfortably — and not much else. Count yourself lucky if your hallway is wide enough to accommodate a console table. Wall- or ceiling-mounted lighting is the way to go for those of us with hallways that need every available inch of width to feel comfortable. With these options, you keep the walkways open but can still wash your hallway in a warm and inviting glow.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights are the right choice if you want to make a powerful statement. Create an unforgettable space by finding the one that really catches your eye. They make a great choice for hallways with high ceilings. In case you have a low ceiling, a low hanging fixture could induce that sense of claustrophobia you’re trying so hard to avoid.

Create ample lighting with sconces

Sconces can help you provide ample lighting without ever needing to pull out more than a step stool to change the bulb. The sconces will protrude from the walls, encroaching on the space of your hallway walkers so this type of lighting is best for wider hallways.

Mixed different types of lighting

You can have it all, but mixing different types of lighting. You can mix and match all the lighting examples from above, but make sure they all go well together. Make sure to place lights every eight feet, at least. Smaller lights with lower-wattage bulbs should be placed more frequently. In case you aren’t sure of your choice, ask an interior designer for help. The end result will surprise you.

No matter how narrow or wide your hallway is, lighting can change the entire aspect. Choosing the right type of lighting helps you escape the claustrophobic feeling and give your home a warmer look.  What kind of lightning would you choose for your hallway?

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