Chalet Lagunen by Mats Edlund & Henrietta Palmer

Chalet Lagunen by Mats Edlund & Henrietta Palmer

Architects: Mats Edlund & Henrietta Palmer
Location: Hudiksvall, Sweden
Year: 2011
Area: 969 sqft / 90 sqm
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Until today Hölick Sea Resort, situated in a pine woods on the coast north of the Swedish city Hudiksvall, has been a customary campground. We wish to build the nature of living and add new values to the previous outdoors and have utilized the representation “hotel” to delineate this new desire.


The proposition is an aggregate idea of living, sustenance, benefits and encounters – including nature, structures, trails, scaffolds, lighting and signage – to accomplish a general ordeal, while keeping a sentiment protection.


By concentrating on an energizing structural planning in wood, propelled by the previous tents on the outdoors, the customer wishes to achieve more well-off clients. The zone is gotten ready for 22 places of two distinct sorts; 80 and 90 sqm (861 and 969 sqft), of which the greater one has recently been fabricated. The arrangement is to begin development of the second house sort amid winter 2011.


Both houses are constructed absolutely in wood, utilizing the Gotlandic conventional faltak – a wooden rooftop – to accomplish a homogeneous wood appearance. The insides are light and roomy, and got ready for a simple Swedish summer way of life for families and friends.

Chalet-Lagunen-by-Mats-Edlund-&-Henrietta-Palmer-04 Chalet-Lagunen-by-Mats-Edlund-&-Henrietta-Palmer-05 Chalet-Lagunen-by-Mats-Edlund-&-Henrietta-Palmer-06 Chalet-Lagunen-by-Mats-Edlund-&-Henrietta-Palmer-07 Chalet-Lagunen-by-Mats-Edlund-&-Henrietta-Palmer-08 Chalet-Lagunen-by-Mats-Edlund-&-Henrietta-Palmer-09 Chalet-Lagunen-by-Mats-Edlund-&-Henrietta-Palmer-10 Chalet-Lagunen-by-Mats-Edlund-&-Henrietta-Palmer-11 Chalet-Lagunen-by-Mats-Edlund-&-Henrietta-Palmer-12 Chalet-Lagunen-by-Mats-Edlund-&-Henrietta-Palmer-13 Chalet-Lagunen-by-Mats-Edlund-&-Henrietta-Palmer-14 Chalet-Lagunen-by-Mats-Edlund-&-Henrietta-Palmer-15 Chalet-Lagunen-by-Mats-Edlund-&-Henrietta-Palmer-16 Chalet-Lagunen-by-Mats-Edlund-&-Henrietta-Palmer-17 Chalet-Lagunen-by-Mats-Edlund-&-Henrietta-Palmer-18 Chalet-Lagunen-by-Mats-Edlund-&-Henrietta-Palmer-19 Chalet-Lagunen-by-Mats-Edlund-&-Henrietta-Palmer-20

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