Casa LC by Art Arquitectos

Casa LC by Art Arquitectos

Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Area: 21,528 sqft
Photo courtesy: Sófocles Hernández

A fantastic 9,000 sq m (96,875 sq ft) lot is the scene for the setting of the 2,000 sq m (21,528 sq ft) Casa LC. The house is located at Mexico City north in area where there are no high constructions and this advantage was used in the architectonic and landscape design incorporating to the project all the surrounding green areas.


The concept was resolved in 3 different areas. The social area was distributed around the grand central circular patio, which has a water mirror with irregular islets and a central stream. The perimeter circulation allows access to the different social spaces such as the vestibule with toilet, the library, the living room and the dining room, all linked to a hallway that goes around the patio.


The private area is formed by a square patio with an orange tree in the middle that is floating on top of islets inside of a water mirror. This magnificent space is surrounded by the 4 regular bedrooms and the master bedroom. All the bedrooms have an attic that goes out to the terraces in the second level that look to the square patio.


The entertainment area ends with the pool and has a swimming track, gaming room, home theater, gym, bathroom and a small house for guests. The bedroom attics are connected to the second level of the home theater through a hall with glass floor that looks down to the swimming track.


These three sections are aligned with the main composition axis that joins the hallways and includes a semi private area formed by the TV room and the breakfast room. Here is also located the services are formed by kitchen, laundry and ironing room and the service rooms.


Because of the composition of the project, small private spaces are formed between the architectonic volumes, resulting in micro ambiances that give identity and privacy to all the areas that coincide to them.


The grand garden is formed by a barbecue-chalet, a pond with cascade and a jogging track that goes around different grass mounds that add scale and experience to the route. The main entrance has a roundabout that leads to the main door of the house and in the side there is an adjacent semi covered garage with capacity for 8 cars.


In the exteriors the following materials stand out: white limestone, neutral color flattens and roofs done with wood beams and brown tiles. In the interiors flamed granite and pearled white marble were used for the circulation floors and for the bedrooms natural walnut floors. Most of walls have flattened plaster in a white sand color, except for the ones that come in from the outside that are finished white limestone. The plafonds have wooden beams and barrel staves that also form part of the structure.


There are 4 sculptures located in the main ends of the house that represent the four natural elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Wind done by artist Carlos Marín. The lighting design has different variable scenes in a warm color, mostly done with LEDs, in a combination of indirect, accent and suspended lamps.

Casa-LC-09 Casa-LC-10 Casa-LC-11 Casa-LC-12 Casa-LC-13 Casa-LC-14 Casa-LC-15 Casa-LC-16 Casa-LC-17 Casa-LC-18 Casa-LC-19 Casa-LC-20 Casa-LC-21 Casa-LC-22 Casa-LC-23 Casa-LC-24

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