Bray’s Island SC Modern II by SBCH Architects

Bray’s Island SC Modern II by SBCH Architects

Architects: SBCH Architects
Location: Sheldon, South Carolina, USA
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: SBCH Architects

there are a few arrangement of volumes being associated with the other furthermore consolidated with some moderate subject. Such mix bringing about awesome advanced mood. What’s more, there’s something considerably more unique about this living arrangement and it can be seen from the awry geometrical shapes.


It makes the habitation turn into a considerable measure substantially more exceptional. Furthermore, the inside is ruled by glass joined in extensive scale. Also, the rear way clues are made in cleared so when you are moving to the fundamental passageway, the immense topic of the living arrangement has as of now been felt.

Brays-Island-SC-Modern-II-02 Brays-Island-SC-Modern-II-03 Brays-Island-SC-Modern-II-04 Brays-Island-SC-Modern-II-05 Brays-Island-SC-Modern-II-06 Brays-Island-SC-Modern-II-07 Brays-Island-SC-Modern-II-08 Brays-Island-SC-Modern-II-09 Brays-Island-SC-Modern-II-10 Brays-Island-SC-Modern-II-11 Brays-Island-SC-Modern-II-12 Brays-Island-SC-Modern-II-13 Brays-Island-SC-Modern-II-14 Brays-Island-SC-Modern-II-15

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