A Must Have Element in your home

A Must Have Element in your home

To begin with, wall clocks are among the most underrated items that could be found in your home. Even though in the modern world, everything you have got to know regarding the present time can simply be found on your smartphone or your wrist usually. However, this still doesn’t mean that you must opt out the options of buying a wall clock for your home completely.

Today’s modern wall clocks have so many outstanding features that they have proved to do so much more than just tell time. Decorative ones like these can actually be an amazing substitute for art in a home. Wall clocks certainly add personality to any room along with always showing the time.

History of Wall Clocks:

The original clocks were actually the ancient sundials. These were devices that made use of the sun’s position to exhibit the present “time” of the day.

Later between the years 1386-1389, the first mechanical clocks had come into being in England and France. These clocks were driven by the pendulum’s momentum. However, this made the clocks rather limited, that is, the clock would simply cease to work if the pendulum stopped working.

The modern-day wall clocks which we know of today and absolutely adore came into existence quite soon, all thanks to the engineering savvy, Peter Heinlein from Germany. Clocks had actually become quite common and were seen as a status symbol by the seventeenth century because these were objects that were both elegant and precise.

Obviously, with another few hundreds of years, came the digital and the quartz technology and now we have the modern styles that we love today.

Importance of Wall Clocks in Our Homes:

Today, they’re not only for keeping or telling time either. They are obviously functional but they can also be stylish, like these extra large ones. Wall clocks can simply be used in our homes as brilliant ways to add some colour around, to compliment the decor, or even to bring a creative touch to the rooms. There are many themed designs created today that can work perfectly in children’s rooms. For instance, for a child whose room has the cowboy-style theme, one could easily buy a cowboy-themed wall clock with a moving pendulum and well, your imagination and creativity is the only limit here really. Other than that, they can also be used as great gift items for your loved ones and children. They can easily fit to suit anybody’s moods and interests.


Wall clocks exist in many different types such as the themed ones mentioned above. Other than that, there are the ornamental or decorative styles or even the commercial ones. Hopefully we’ve provided enough information regarding how to use them for your home!

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