8 Tips For Landscaping With A Pool

8 Tips For Landscaping With A Pool


A backyard pool space that is beautiful and functional is a must-have for any homeowner. A well-designed pool landscaping can make the outdoor truly inviting, enjoyable and boost your property’s curb appeal.  

If you plan to improve your backyard pool or consider an overhaul, several elements are worth adding. Remember to take into account both function and aesthetics. The swimming pool is the focal point of your yard, but try to take inspiration from your home when designing. If you want to transform your pool into a serene getaway, continue reading this post to make the most out of your outdoor space. 

Let us check out several tips for landscaping with a pool here. 

  • Natural Add-Ons 

A significant step to blend your pool seamlessly into the backyard is to add some au naturel décor, such as stones and plants. The addition of trees as well as shrubs at the proper distance from your swimming pool can effectively serve as accents.  

Try planting some annuals or perennials along your flower bed bordering the pool to help it become as one with the landscape. Rocks and boulders circling your garden or pool will guide your guests’ eyes to it effectively.  

  • Walkways 

Another pool landscaping idea worth considering is adding a pathway in the backyard leading from the back door or side door to your swimming area. You can choose pavers, flagstone steps, wooden boards, or any similar material that matches the pool or surrounding landscape. The walkways will help you walk around the pool area at night safely and a significant element that guests will surely appreciate.  

Tips For Landscaping With A Pool

  • Seating 

You can consider adding seating around the pool. If you want to unwind while enjoying the beauty of your backyard pool, make sure that you have suitable seating.  

Reclining seats, couches, as well as lawn chairs can boost the pool’s overall appeal, especially when guests come over as well as during family gatherings and social parties. Make sure to keep the seating of your choice secure to avoid accidents during windy days or bad weather.  

  • Lighting 

When it comes to the proper lighting, there are several options to illuminate the water, such as right above the surface, lamps, walkway lamps, and many more. If you have the budget, you can consult a professional to put lighting under the water in various colors of your choice. 

  • Privacy 

If you value privacy in your backyard, it might be best to install a fence in your backyard. Brick or wood are great alternatives to ensure the best privacy. Before installing a fence, ensure that it complies with local rules for swimming barriers in your state.  

As an alternative to fences, there are other options to providing privacy to your pool area. An excellent choice is to plant shrubs bordering the pool or install a trellis that showcases your vines. For those who reside in a region with a tropical condition, palm trees are a good choice that imparts your backyard with an island vibe while keeping out prying eyes.

  • Trees 

When you place trees strategically around your backyard, they can become a central part of your landscape. Remember, though, that you should not plant one close to your pool. The majority of trees produce leaves and flowers that can make maintenance burdensome since it can litter the pool.  

One way to avoid the hassle of clearing the area is to go for tree species that do not shed during the swimming season. It would be best to be mindful when it comes to the types of trees you will plant close to the pool. Once the roots expand excessively, they can damage the structure of the pool.  

Some of the trees suitable for pool landscaping include: 

  • Citrus tree 
  • Palm tree 
  • Japanese maple 
  • Cascalote tree 

  • Shrubs and flowers 

If you want to add bushes as well as flowering plants to the pool landscape, try the vibrant plants that are full of color to complement the pool water. Opt for plants in various hues and textures to make the landscape appealing.  

In case you prefer something that looks natural with minimal care, you can line the pool with a bed-head-style garden with a design that grows randomly and wildly. You can also go for something called ‘container garden’ if hardscapes border your pool. 

  • Hardscapes 

The right hardscape for your pool area can make a big difference, such as stone pathways or a gazebo. If you have guests frequently, you can consider building an outdoor living space, such as a patio or pool deck.  

You can even center the landscaping around an eye-catching piece, like a water element or sculpture. For a natural ambiance, you can surround the pool with river rocks and boulders. Complete the look with a simple waterfall or bubbling fountain.  



Creating the ideal outdoor space with your pool is easy to achieve with the help of these tips. Choosing the right plants, trees, lighting, and extra elements will go a long way in making the landscape an inviting one that you will surely love.

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