Wilkinson Residence by Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect

Wilkinson Residence by Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect

Architects: Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Year: 2004
Photo courtesy: Cameron Neilson

Situated on a banner parcel, a lofty inclining evaluation gave the chance to bring the fundamental level of the house into the tree covering to bring out the sentiment being in a tree house.


A partner of music, the customer needed a house that turned out to be a piece of the normal scene as well as tended to the stream of music. This house avoids the mechanics of the camera; it is hard to catch the way the inside space streams consistently through to the outside.


One must really walk around the house to handle its complexities and its association with the outside. One case is a characteristic wood roof, skimming on bended overlaid wood pillars, going through a liberal glass divider which wraps around the fundamental lounge room.

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