Tusculum Residence by Smart Design Studio

Tusculum Residence by Smart Design Studio

Architects: Smart Design Studio
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Smart Design Studio

This energizing redesign and augmentation of a turn-of-the-century porch house in Sydney’s Potts Point concentrates on a fabulous and smoothly spiraling stair that structures the critical intersection of the old and new parts of the house. The staircase, crossing the width of the building, highlights fragile fan-like steel treads cantilevered from the focal steel post and winding their way past six split levels, counterbalance between the old and new sides of the house. The stair was imagined as the component that joins the contemporary and new insignificant structure to the refined, trimmed and formal more established segment of the abode.


Roomy living regions and private zones open out from every side of the stair with one range for each level substituting between the old and new building. Formal living, feasting, kitchen and casual living; expert suite, visitor suite, study and clothing: every zone keeps up a characteristic feeling of protection from the other through the balance in level yet keeps up a feeling of interconnection in the openness and development made by the stair.


Inside, completions in the old part of the house are contemporary and exquisite in a stripped-established style with profound flush avoiding sheets, mannered framed entryways and wide timber floorboards, all in sparkle white paint and balance by luxuriously shaded set mortar dividers. Conversely, the basically white augmentation with the same shine white floorboards, includes a dark recolored timber-boarded joinery component crosswise over three levels. Bronze window outlines, ironmongery and trims unite both segments of the three-story home.


Remotely, the association with the outside is highlighted through a 13 meter clear compass mass of sliding entryways that neglects a pocket garden. An expansion to this, the bi-collapsing entryways are disguised by joinery to give a consistent association with the layered back greenery enclosure with experienced pepper tree. This house offers phenomenal spaces supplemented by certain structures, downplayed plan and wonderful point of interest.

Tusculum-Residence-03 Tusculum-Residence-04 Tusculum-Residence-06 Tusculum-Residence-07-1 Tusculum-Residence-07-2 Tusculum-Residence-07-3 Tusculum-Residence-07Tusculum-Residence-30 Tusculum-Residence-08-1 Tusculum-Residence-08 Tusculum-Residence-09 Tusculum-Residence-10 Tusculum-Residence-11 Tusculum-Residence-12 Tusculum-Residence-15 Tusculum-Residence-16 Tusculum-Residence-21 Tusculum-Residence-22 Tusculum-Residence-23

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