Sandringham Residence by Techne Architecture

Sandringham Residence by Techne Architecture & Doherty Design Studio

Architects: Techne Architecture,  Doherty Design Studio
Location: Auckland City, New Zealand
Photo courtesy: Derek Swalwell

The home situated in the bayside suburb of Sandringham has a place with acclaimed Melbourne bar proprietor Doug Maskiell and his young family with two little kids. Drawing on their business relationship, Doug Maskiell of Sand Hill Road, and wife Jenny, charged Techne for the building expansion on their bayside home in Sandringham and Doherty Design Studio for the inside outline. Sand Hill Road is prestigious for owning some of Melbourne’s most praised bars, including the globally acclaimed Prahran Hotel, and forthcoming complete, Terminus Hotel, all planned by Techne.


“Working together with Mardi Doherty was phenomenal, she breathed life into the insides and truly added some fun loving nature to the configuration that reflected Doug and Jenny’s yearnings for the redesign and all the more comprehensively, their viewpoint,” says Justin Northrop of Techne Architecture + Interior Design. The brief from the customer was to change over the twofold fronted staying into a fun, fiery bigger home with loads of shading that empowered the developing family to live in for the long haul. In direct reaction to this, the remodel extended the current home to incorporate 4 rooms, a study and open-arrangement living range.


“Doug and Jenny fancied an expansion that was contemporary and consistent with the current bungalow that fronts the road. We were aware of this while giving an outline customary material, weatherboard, that clads a contemporary structure,” includes Northrop.


The front of the house was held and a two-story augmentation included, that depended on the type of a contemporary transportation compartment. The back living territory, joined nearly to the lavish green patio nursery – planned by Annabel Drew – makes a different outside living region with a plenitude of regular light. High back windows are protected by altered louvers that proceed with the mood of the weatherboards. The motivation for the inside configuration was to mirror a basic, utilitarian tasteful, that plays with materiality, intense realistic shapes in vigorous completions infused with solid pieces of shading.


The two territories – unique front and new expansion – are isolated by a punctured dark collapsed screen that goes about as a visual detachment, as well as an intriguing component. Set patterns in the screen are composed particularly for vivid Dinosaur Design vases. A mid-dark tile isolates and characterizes the progression up from old to new, while three sporadic estimated box-like timber steps lead to the upstairs, then strong messmate ground surface moves through the new augmentation.


Painted timber covering sheets stretch out from the family room roof into the covert open air range to give a ceaseless vibe from outside to in. Further upgrading the inside’s strong, realistic request, is the white block completes on the chimney, the profound confined timber surrounded window the living region, terrazzo and realistic tile designs in white/dim tones and uncovered edge enumerating.


“Checkerboard high contrast divider framing is an in number realistic point of interest that not just includes the perky component the customer needed, additionally an individual touch. Being a bar proprietor, Doug needed a showcase answer for his wine and lager. The checkerboard highlight is an overlay box that encompasses the storeroom and components 14 roundabout set patterns for wine, which can be gotten to just from behind the wash room.” says Mardi Doherty of Doherty Design Studio.


Other intense employments of shading can be found all through the home, with highlight pendant lights over the eating table, a staircase secured with brilliant orange cover, a huge sliding entryway with a bespoke paint-dribble highlight and electric blue powder-covered mirrors. Pale woodgrain utilized on the joinery all through mollifies the look, while collapsed cowhide handles and custom stopper mirrors in the restroom include a component of interest and crude extravagance.


A consistent coordinated effort between the two skilled configuration groups, guaranteed the Maskiell Home was produced around the way of life of the customer’s developing family, fusing brilliant, fiery components into the inside that make a feeling of fun and perkiness. Paying admiration to the first façade and encompassing road scape was pivotal, with just a touch of metal cladding unmistakable from the road, giving an unpretentious clue of the second level expansion and the new life that lies within.

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