Luxury Penthouse 03 by Ramunas Manikas

Luxury Penthouse 03 by Ramunas Manikas

Location: Kaliningrad, Russia
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Ramunas Manikas

The penthouse is located in a formerly – abandoned attic of a modern building. The largest space contains a hallway, kitchen – dining room and a large living room. Separated rooms include a dressing room, utility room, storage room, bathroom, guest bathroom and children’s room. There is also a separate space for the parents, with a bedroom, dressing room and bathroom.


The style of the interior is minimalistic and refined, speaking of a contemporary modern luxury. Precious materials, natural surfaces and monochrome colours create a unified impression. Everything was well – calculated and not overburdened, in order to avoid eclectic or purposefully eye – catching expensive details.


The luxury is created by unified elements: quality furniture, lights, sanitaryware, tiles and other interior details produced by acknowledged companies. The penthouse is decorated with dark brown or black and white shades. The dark colours include toned brown wood floor, veneer – coated and tinted wall panels and doors, toned glued wood columns and finishing of the entire construction of the roof, black leather living room furniture and black lights.


These dark colours make a contrast with light walls, white kitchen, light stone imitation tiles and natural stone tabletop of the table in the dining room, as well as light leather dinning chairs and armchairs of the recreation area, covered in light fabric.This design allows to control the considerable volume of the premises and create a cosy and at the same time representative home environment.

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