HP Tree House by mmp Architects

HP Tree House by mmpP Architects

Location: Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Photo courtesy: Michael Martino

HP Tree House is set on a secluded and private lot on the flanks of Mt Whitfield in Cairns, the principle aims of this low budget home included simple, elegant and unpretentious form, easy access, minimum impact on site, sustainability and low maintenance. Sustainability is enhanced with long term low maintenance materials, sustainably harvested or plantation grown timber, locally sourced natural stone retaining walls.


Suspended above the forest floor, living in this home is akin to life on a roofed platform within the rainforest canopy. A relaxed and easy ambience contributes to a harmonious relationship between the house and its occupants.


Of the HP Tree House project the jury noted ‘a house which cleverly engages its rainforest shroud from every room and interstitial space. Its unassuming exterior belies a sequence of varied scaled interior spaces that embody a relaxed tropical lifestyle in all possible weather conditions.’

HP-Tree-House-02 HP-Tree-House-05 HP-Tree-House-07 HP-Tree-House-08 HP-Tree-House-09 HP-Tree-House-10 HP-Tree-House-11 HP-Tree-House-15 HP-Tree-House-21 HP-Tree-House-22 HP-Tree-House-23

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