How to quickly and affordably increase your home’s appeal

How to quickly and affordably increase your home’s appeal

Home improvement is something that a lot of us think about regularly when wanting to feel comfortable in (and even proud of) our own space. Looking to sell your home, and want to increase its value as much as possible without spending too much on improvements/renovations? Got some extra time on your hands and just want to make your home look and feel a bit better in preparation for the summer? Here are a few short tips on how to quickly and affordably increase your home’s appeal.


Start with the outside

Sometimes a little bit of TLC with regards to your home’s kerb appeal can be just what it needs to get the ball rolling, and with summer on the horizon, you’ll undoubtedly be spending a lot more time in the garden and outside, so it’s the perfect time for it. Clear any weeds or overgrowth in the front and back gardens, clean the windows and brickwork in the front and back, and even jet wash any tiling work if you can to give the place a new lease of life.

Obviously this point won’t necessarily matter to you if you live in or own an apartment within a larger complex, but if you’re looking to sell your property, then you should also make sure to photograph the outside of the property to make it look good to tenants. The best conditions won’t hurt; I’m sure someone looking to buy will want to see it shining on a bright and sunny day, rather than when it’s pouring with rain!

Tip – Again, if selling the property, in addition to making the outside look and feel great, you could leverage surrounding areas and points of interest. Many people choose to move home into new places because they want to be closer to work, a school for their children, or even to be closer to a city, so if you have somewhere with popular attractions nearby, it should be a key selling point.


Modernising the interior

If you need some inspiration on how to lay out your personal apartment/property for sale, take a look at some of the modern properties offered by RWinvest throughout cities such as Liverpool and Manchester. Often minimalist in design, their student and young professional-aimed apartments use space-saving furniture that isn’t overbearing, and that those living there can work around easily. Cutting back on unnecessary furniture not only allows you (or those living in the property) to put your own stamp and personality on the place. It can also save you some money in the process, too.


Invest in some smart technology

Often shifting around furniture, painting and redecorating can be a lot of effort, and so if you want something a little easier to install and get sorted, smart tech can quickly shift up the vibe of a property in a pinch. With smart light bulbs, for example, the set up is as easy as, well, screwing in a lightbulb, and you’ll be able to change to a variation of different colours for different moods and events.

Once again, for those marketing their property for renting out or sale, modern trimmings such as smart bulbs and speakers are great for driving interest, as they provide a unique and memorable feature to the property that others might not have.

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