How Office Design Is Changing And What Will Tomorrow Bring?

How Office Design Is Changing And What Will Tomorrow Bring?

We are living in a time of profound changes. The advancements in technology and medical research is having an impact on numerous aspects of our lives – including the design of modern-day offices.

Today’s designers are reinventing the spaces in which we spend most of our time. Mobile and wireless technologies enable us to move away from traditional settings and embrace new standards of living, whilst other design elements promote mood and productivity.

Modern businesses are preparing for the future by examining the workplace holistically. New office designs not only appeal to modern ideals, but they also provide a flexible and agile environment that respect the needs of employees from a broad range of cultures and physical conditions.

Agile Work Space

Sitting in designated workspaces for eight hours a day has been found to hurt productivity and engagement. The monotony of work life from the same perspective slows down cognitive functions and has a negative impact on mood.

Modern offices are designed with adaptive features that enable employees to be more flexible with where and how they choose to work. Being able to break up monotony encourages efficiency and accommodates longer working hours.

Companies that rely on a collaborative effort are taking advantage of creating  a flexible workspace that compliments team ethics and embracing a company culture that does not restrict employees to a single desk or office.

Open spaces are then balanced with private niches for employees that need a quiet environment to focus or hold conference calls and virtual meetings without being disturbed or distracted.

How to Equip Your Workplace for High Productivity

Transformative Space

Businesses that grow quickly either have to think about upgrading to larger premises or find solutions in your current office.

Growth can pose major problems – financially, physically and emotionally. But interior designers like Office Principles have creative solutions that can transform an office without the expense or disruption of relocating.

Block planning and concept design strategies make better use of existing space that is not already being used to its full capacity. For example, why not install a mezzanine to create more room and expand the number of workstations using the space above your head.

Minimal Design Concepts

Minimalism has been gathering momentum in the world of interior design for a while now. The sight of cluttered desks and cramped workspaces make employees feel confined and can put prospective employees off accepting job offers.

The human brain functions better in environments that have fewer distractions. Scientists have discovered that simplicity and tidiness are conducive to work performance and productivity.

Subsequently, most companies are renovating their offices, such as bringing in a new front desk, updating their common areas, installing new bathroom partitions and matching them with a minimalistic design, with smaller devices, and introducing wireless technology.

The future office will be a smart office which runs on low-voltage currents and cloud networks that give people the freedom of movement and less requirement for building maintenance.

Outdoor Features

According to the World Economic Forum, more companies are creating office features that promote the health and wellbeing of their staff. In some cases, this means encouraging employees to work outside, in natural light, or alternatively bringing nature indoors.

Natural elements within the office environment have been found to boost productivity and wellbeing by as much as 13%. Allowing natural sunlight and keeping plants around the office is beneficial to the immune function.

The progression of intentior design concepts has been creeping in for the last 10-15 years. Although the concepts have mostly been resigned to homes and funky cafes, they are becoming more commonplace in the workplace.

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