The extension of two old existing cave houses on the island of Santorini


The wardrobes and the door of the bathroom is placed out of view, behind the mirror. The floor is made by rough, light grey marble, that strengthens the materiality and the texture of the old part of the cave.

The extension of the house is a white box, that brings on its top a small pool. A rectangular hole on the ceiling reveals the existence of the water, giving a visual moving effect.

In the main space of the house, the bed is placed in the center, under the big vault, looking to the volcano view. Behind the bed a deep red furniture is used as a desk for preparing yourself.

Marble, lacquered wood, metal and grey fabrics complete the palette of the materials. The openings of the two houses, made by wood, cover almost the whole façade of the building in order to bring the light and the view inside the space. At the same time the exterior summer life becomes a part of the interior space.

The design of the holiday houses is totally integrated in the volcanic landscape and the cubistic architecture of Santorini in a more contemporary twist.”

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