El Caserón by G///bang

El Caserón by G///bang

Architects: G///bang
Location: Zaragoza, Spain
Year: 2008
Photo courtesy: Jesús Granada

The gang. – A couple and a seven year old kid in addition to a pooch. Old however with an awesome retirement. They initiated the house “El Caserón”.They lived leasing and they chose to pawn their funds in purchasing a great deal that incorporated an insultingly weak house, as I would see it.


I chose not to decimate the house, with the family’s consent. We attempted to maintain a strategic distance from average quality searching for the best in the most exceedingly terrible. How could they have been able to they need their home? We envisioned its design in a solitary floor. The move between the inside and the outside ought to be smooth, missing of material points of confinement.


We were pulled in to improve interpersonal connections through contact and visual control from anyplace in the house. The undertaking.- It is the rebuilding and extension of a current single-family house, situated in a considerable measure of 1000 square meters, in a private area of secluded, single-family homes.


The current building was contained two sections. On one hand, a fundamental body in the front region of the parcel, 10×12 meters, with burden bearing dividers and Arabic tile rooftop (saved), and then again, a little connected volume, 3×6 meters, with a level room (destroyed).


The previous volume was restored, associated with another flat structure that would finish the system. The inside clearances were differed between rooms to acquire new visuals and an extraordinary inside/outside association.


Design/flow.- The saved, principle volume contains the daytime zone: sink, lounge room, lounge area, kitchen, visitor room, restroom, amusement room and clothing; the new structure contains the entrance corridor, carport, rec center, secured pool, youngsters’ room and a little loft for the couple.


The flow is L-formed along the inside edge, however in the principle volume, it is changed into a multi-directional, adaptable space that exploits the wood’s portability parcel dividers. The sliding outside woodwork, extensive and installed into the dividers, cover the whole veneer permitting a visual and formal association between the home and the yards and other finished spaces, disposing of the materiality from the inside outside move.


Formal/spatial/non-literal quality.- It was an astonishment to find an uncovering idea: “the metaphorical quality” that relied on upon the innovative condition with which the shape was developed, and it was, in the meantime, a generator of structure in the territory at the resulting scale.


In the same way that shape and space were not circumstances and end results, but rather corresponding outcomes, the architectonic figuration went before the structure’s statement and was at the same time created with its displaying, and even in the spatial system.


Geometry.- The subsequent building does not relate with an unmistakable geometry, but rather adjusts to the accessible space in the parcel, taking after criteria of subtraction of matter rather than expansion.


Material/shading.- The protected volumes are clad in white lime mortar with trowel, and the new solid structures are white. In the coatings that finish the woodwork planes, adapting and guttering, untreated marine aluminum was utilized. The white shading strengthens the equal space/structure result.


Vitality framework.- Energy proficiency components have been included, for example, the utilization of geothermal vitality to control the cooling in winter and summer, connected with the floor warming framework. Urubó Hills is a pleasant scene with local vegetation together with a wide and mixed list of construction modeling. Such is the scene that offers setting to the Calderón House.


Under a basic perusing the task includes two even volumes: the least one outwardly set back and moored in the scene; and the main one, set as though it were skimming noticeable all around. Material compositions are crucial segments in the venture. Stone and wood completions are components that past giving a perusing between volumes, they give this contemporary home the sensibility of a customary building design environment.


The ground floor houses the general population and normal spaces: living and lounge area, kitchen, study, bathrooms and an exhibition that makes for an outside ting space that associate its sights with a green greenery enclosure holding a swimming pool that join the house with the grill place. It is here that the administration offices are determined without being seen, comprising of a clothing range, a room with restroom and one lavatory for the pool territory.


A coasting staircase with wooden steps, situated on the circulation corridor of the ground floor, prompts a little family lounge room where regular light turns into the benchmark of imperativeness for the house. An inside greenery enclosure showers the divider with subtleties of light and shadow giving added warmth to this space that serves as a connection between the rooms of kids and adults.

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