Eaton Residence by E. Cobb Architects

Eaton Residence by E. Cobb Architects

Architects: E. Cobb Architects
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Photos:  Paul Warchol Photography

The exterior design of this residence is truly imposing and eye-catching. Composed of two intersected volumes, the residence seems to float above the generous pool in the courtyard and watch over it at the same time. From the street, the house has a relatively unfriendly look and seems to resemble a closed fortress.


But once the entrance gate is passed, the visitor is  greeted by a green yard, large windows and an overall inviting environment. The interior design is highly modern. A large, open plan living room with floor to ceiling windows and minimalist furniture sets the tone for the entire home. No matter what room you are in, the ocean views are maximized and the indoor/outdoor boundaries fade away.

Eaton-Residence-00 Eaton-Residence-04-1 Eaton-Residence-04-2 Eaton-Residence-04 Eaton-Residence-05-1  Eaton-Residence-05 Eaton-Residence-07-1 Eaton-Residence-07 Eaton-Residence-08 Eaton-Residence-09-1 Eaton-Residence-09 Eaton-Residence-10-1 Eaton-Residence-10 Eaton-Residence-11 Eaton-Residence-12 Eaton-Residence-14 Eaton-Residence-15 Eaton-Residence-17-1 Eaton-Residence-17 Eaton-Residence-22

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