5 Reasons Modular Homes are More Eco-Friendly

5 Reasons Modular Homes are More Eco-Friendly

Modular homes are becoming increasingly popular. It just so happens that the reasons they are great investments line up perfectly with why they are more eco-friendly than most other buildings. In the following article, you will find 5 reasons modular homes are more eco-friendly than regular buildings.

When we talk about being eco-friendly, you are looking for critical markers like how much waste is produced, the energy-efficient features inside the home – and those used to create it, and energy consumption reduction methods, to name a few. 

Eco-friendly modular buildings are beneficial to the people who live in the spaces and the earth in general. 

1. Faster build

It can be a long and complex road when it comes to the housing market. Waiting in housing chains, buyers falling through, high bidding prices – and more. 

The length of time you will need to wait for the home to be ready can belong to. What makes a prefab modular house an incredible option, and why it is very eco-friendly, is the speed at which it can be built. 

It can take less than two months from purchase to delivery of a modular home, and they are delivered ready. 

Since they are precision built, the speed means they offer a considerable reduction in the amount of power required to build one. 

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2. Energy Efficient 

It is estimated that a self-sufficient modular home can see a household’s energy bills be reduced by around 72%. 

That is by no means an insignificant reduction. Modular homes offer an extensive range of features for buyers. These energy-efficient options include energy batteries, solar panels, low-energy bulbs, and cladding made from composite panels. 

These energy-efficient steps are possible due to the nature of modular homes and how they are constructed. 

3. Less/No Waste

When it comes to having the highest percentage of waste reduction, modular homes are outstanding. This is because modular homes are designed and built to specifications. Since these measurements are exact, there is never any excess material to be discarded. 

Modular houses save waste on the job site since they are built according to rigorous specifications. Given that repair and construction trash contributes to roughly 40% of landfill waste, the fact that modular houses greatly minimize this is a key bonus for eco-conscious buyers.

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4. Sustainable materials

Another reason that modular homes are the best choice for those who wish to do as much as possible remains sustainable and eco-friendly are the materials used. 

When using recycled materials for roofing, insulation, and internal walls, modular homes will often use these. You can check the type of wood your chosen modular home company uses by looking for the FSC certification. The FSC certification shows that timber and other recycled materials are responsibly sourced and eco-friendly. 

Your insulation must be of the highest quality as this is what will keep your home warm and energy-efficient. 

5. Healthier

Before we knew that lead was poisonous, and the asbestos-caused serious health issues and other toxic materials were used to build homes. There are millions of homes that still have much of these materials within them. 

Modular housing offers a unique and healthier way to live. Using VOC-free or low VOC materials, green energy, cleaner area, and recycling materials. 

The deep focus on eco-friendliness and sustainability shines a light on our health. Using materials without harsh chemicals doesn’t have an impact on the local area or the world in general. 

Modular housing can also be designed to let in more natural light and even have wildflowers on the roof. 

Taking care of your health is one of the most eco-friendly things that you can do. 

Modular buildings offer an incredible way to have a perfectly designed home that doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment. If you have solar panels fitted, you might well be contributing more than you use – fantastic stuff! 

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