Fran Silvestre Architects designed a modern home nestled high in the Hollywood Hills

Fran Silvestre Architects designed a modern home nestled high in the Hollywood Hills

Architects: Fran Silvestre Architects
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Year: 2016
Photography: ©Fran Silvestre Architects

“Nestled high in the Hollywood Hills, the historic hills that draw the profile of Los Angeles where part of the Case Study Houses program was built. The proposal is deposited on the ground, adapting to its strong slope and the conditioners of the site, making a change of direction in the floor plan to frame the city skyline to the ocean.

The vision of John, who will live the house, was decisive for its design. A monolithic piece hanging from the topography and open to the distant landscape was what I imagined for this place.

The plot is accessed from the top of Haslam Terrace. The volume of the house is situated two plants below the street level, respecting the maximum heights. In the access is located the garage and the core of communications that leads to an intermediate level as a terrace over the landscape that contains the pool. These two levels, the access and the terrace are materialized with a gray stone that mimics them in the environment and the volume that contains the housing built in white plaster.

The main floor is turned to be able to observe the city of Los Angeles, two profiles with geometry in “L” and disposed of inverted form the mechanism that resolves the structure and allows all the rooms of the house to look for the desired views of this In this way the house has a single window of twenty-nine meters long, which looks at the life of the city as if it were a device to catch the landscape, as if it were perhaps an indiscreet window.”

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