Ancha House: single floor modern house designed to offer full privacy to its inner courtyard

Architects: Augusto Quijano Arquitectos
Location: Mérida, Yucatan, México
Year: 2016
Area: 5.328 ft²/ 495 m²
Photo courtesy: Eduardo Calvo Santisbón

“This is response to an architectural program for a couple then that children no longer live at home.

The House arises in reverse. The space itself is the most public. House turns to the side of the street, to the North, with better conditions for this region difficult climate.

The House is developed by way of a large terrace, in a series of continuous spaces where a core of services articulates them, and looking for the prevailing winds from the South-East and North-East to flow through all living spaces. These living spaces are continuous, open, with wood mobile walls that allow you to reconfigure the space in multiple ways, either slightly, partially or completely, achieving different spatial configurations, depending on the different accommodations from the walls, either linking two, three or more spaces, or by separating all together.

The great Hall continues towards the kitchen, social, at one end, and the master bedroom on the other hand, having a study as a prelude.

The services are located, in its entirety, in the central volume, both downstairs and upstairs. The core operates as a “Swiss army knife”, where different accessories come out and reconfigured the spatiality in different modes.”

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